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Incoming Regions (de-commissioned)


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2 hours ago, Solarflaretracker200 said:

@MinYoongi I seem to notice this about you (and I do it to sometimes) but don't expect yourself to be good at all these wavelengths, CME's, ect. Not trying to criticize or anything, I am just saying 🙂

Thank you :) yeah maybe I am pushing myself a bit too hard

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5 hours ago, Orneno said:

Another bright spot that’s even brighter than 2993/2994? Count me interested!

Yes, just appearing on the limb in HMI, and if farside imaging is to be trusted there is more to follow !



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40 minutes ago, Orneno said:

Not a lot to see yet, but at least it's not faculae!

It probably isn't very active though, because the background flux continues to drop.

And the Spot looks rather big too if im not wrong! 

I have not seen a CME from the region i believe 

Ah. By the way. I think 2992 is now visible on the GONG/Stereo Farside map! Looks big n strong. I dont know when exactly it will be back but maybe it survives? 

Ps: i think its weird how it appeared out of nowhere. Maybe because it rotated off freshly?


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