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Incoming Regions (de-commissioned)


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Just now, Vancanneyt Sander said:

There where some CME’s behind the limb coming from both those regions behind the limb so that’s pretty good sign.

Ah yeah, i wondered if they were Responsible. When are they earth facing? Stereo-A moved since 2019 so I kinda lost track on how long it takes until we see them. 

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14 minutes ago, MinYoongi said:

Yeah right?! What do you think about ne?

I don’t see much incoming there on STEREO, and 2983 that’s on the earth side is very boring. So unless something develops substantially, I don’t see much going on in the NE at all. I’m looking mostly at 2981 and the SE limb, where the loops are and the big bright spot on STEREO. Of course, it may just be faculae, but it’s more promising than no bright spots at all, and I don’t see much brightness off the NE limb on STEREO right now. 


After looking at the round-disc images from STEREO, not just the flattened rectangular version, I do see brightness off the NE limb from the STEREO view. But if it’s behind the limb for STEREO it’s pretty far from the Earth-side, so who knows yet. The brightness on the SE limb is much closer to being visible. 

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22 minutes ago, Orneno said:

All kinds of bright spots popping up here on STEREO, the activity of the past week or so may not entirely end when 2975 goes over the limb


How far away from the earth-facing disc are they? Could be faculae only. 

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1 hour ago, MinYoongi said:

I think thats the region we're talking about in the other thread. Or do you mean the one on the Bottom? I dont really see it on any farside map

The one low down, visible on STEREO, right on the earth-facing limb. 

This one. It’s not 2975, it’s much smaller and closer. 


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