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SpaceWeatherLive forum rules

Version 1.0

For questions or complaints regarding the forums rules or the forum in general, you can always contact the moderators. When they cannot be contacted for some reason you can use the contact form on SpaceWeatherLive to contact the administrator.


Posting messages:

  • This forum needs to be inviting for everyone, no matter their heritage or knowledge. Not everyone has as much knowledge about space weather as you. Respect others posts and questions.
  • The forum is accessible for everyone, but some sections and content is not visible for non-members and/or guests.
  • Becoming a member of SpaceWeatherLive is free of costs and can be done with the form you can find on this site or with your Facebook account.
  • These rules can be changed without notice. It is your own responsibility to keep yourself updated on the rules. When changes are made, old versions of the rules will no longer be valid and only the latest version counts.

Copyright and problems:

  • Only members of SpaceWeatherLive can start topics, post answers, start polls.
  • Don't use an MSN-like writing style. Keep your posts readable for everyone. We have separate sections for Dutch and English so check that you are in the right forum before you post.
  • Jargon is allowed, but make sure your text is still readable for the average forum members. If needed, provide a shot explanation for the words you use.
  • Stay on-topic and make sure you post your topics in the right forum.
  • Obscene or racist language will not be tolerated. This includes obscene or racist illustrations, pictures and movies.
  • Insulting posts, or posts which otherwise harm persons and/or organizations will be removed.
  • Don't post with the only intention to raise your post count. Only post when you have something to add to the topic. Useless answers will be removed without prior notice.
  • Excessive use of smiley's is not allowed. One or two smiley's per post is enough. If a moderator judges that a post contains too many smiley's then the post will be edited without prior notice.
  • Topics have to be placed in the correct forum. For example, posts regarding active regions go in the active regions board and not in the general discussions board. Wrong placed topics will be moved to the correct forum without prior notification.
  • Don't make polls when it's not needed. If possible, try to avoid making polls with just yes and no. Unnecessary polls will be removed without permission of the person who created the poll.
  • When you made the last post in a topic and you want to post again in the same topic then edit your last post instead of creating a new one.
  • Posts which promote illegal practices will be removed without prior notice and could lead to a ban.


  • We are not responsible for damage to optics or other materials after an action that's been published on this forum.
  • In case something is being offered for sale, related to astronomy, you will buy it at your own risk. SpaceWeatherLive is not responsible for damage or other problems related to your purchase.
  • Moderators of this forum can change or remove topics and posts without permission of the author whenever they think it is necessary.
  • Advertising for profit is not allowed on this forum. Such topics will be removed without permission of the author.
  • Texts from external websites will never be published on this forum without permission from the author or without publishing the source. In case we receive a complaint from an external site we will suspend the member in question.


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