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Is AR2891 active?

Sam Warfel
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17 minutes ago, Chris, HB9DFG said:

I am looking out for a radio aurora on 144MHz but there is nothing to copy down here now since scandinavian and russian radio amateurs are better situated at the moment it seems and bz has moved positive. Waiting for a longer negative bz value...


Me too, I’m waiting for it to hopefully flip back negative before I go out looking for Aurora but all other data looks good 

1 hour ago, Tomasz Mielec said:
Still yes, but not for long

@Tomasz Mielecit is now G2, and SpaceWeather.com says it could even escalate to G3 in the coming hours so it’s definitely not just G1

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Hey everyone, glad I've found this thread! Tonight when Bz was negative it was the most intense Aurora I've ever seen in Iceland, also disturbance of the magnetic field measured on the ground was substantial


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3 minutes ago, MinYoongi said:

With those high speeds, when do you think it will be through? 


And to the stabilizing part: BT or BZ? 

They are both hard to tell. The high velocities could last maybe 5-12 hours longer. The IMF is hard to tell. Once the flux portion hits the IMF components might stop jumping around.

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