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Found 3 results

  1. Hello, I have been passively following the forum for almost a year. Want to dirty my hands and learn a few things. The dashboard is fantastic to see the past flares and the latest CMEs (cactus). What I have been trying to figure out is (a) how to link which flares listed under Solar flares correspond to the CMEs under Latest CMEs. If I would like to see which of the M flares yday produced CMEs, how to do that? (b) what should I be looking at/ be looking for to know if the CME is earth directed in the CACTUS images? If there are resources that shed details on this, pls do point me in that direction. Thanks for the help!
  2. Hey folks!! I wanted to bring up a topic wondering what your opinion is on such!! During the Carrington events here on earth. The telegraph machines and cables where exposed raw conducting materials! For example the older electrical systems called knob and tube wiring! Would actually expose the conducting materials to open air. Meaning if there was a energy vibrational surge to such an extent, the outer fields would come in direct contact with each other as the energy expanded surrounding the conducting materials. Once these energies collide we get sparks!! In our modern era, we insulated jackets around all conducting materials transporting electricity! Hypothesizing that the insulated jackets require around all materials transporting electrical energy would be sufficient to suppress the sparks that were recorded from the Carrington event! Although in our electrical panels we have circuit breakers where exposed conducting materials are located in a open un insulated fashion! The danger comes from those connecting sources like outlet plugs and panels! If those connections sources were completely separated and fully insulated prevent an excess of energy expanding outside the insulated jacket. We shouldn't have the same concerns of immediate global fires! With smoke so thick choking out this world and creating a new ice age?? I wanted to share this with the community hopefully a solution can be found! Helping Protect the advancement of civilization! Cheers!
  3. Howdy All Y’all, Anyone been checking out the EPAM data (Proton flux in particular). Looks like it climbed steeply about 5 hours ago and has been slowly settling. The line is the > 10MeV which is the lowest energy measure on the chart. Can anyone shed some light on why the Proton Flux measures are delineated into >10, >100… etc. I’m not quite following the complete meaning here. I do understand what Proton Flux is. Thank all y’all very kindly, L & A
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