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Solar wind density

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28 minutes ago, Isatsuki San said:

nothing, I forgot how it worked, the epam, I wanted to say that the epam was detected, if it was another cme, but no, I missed

It is the first time that I see the Interplanetary Magnetic Field bt at 30

chart (1).png

Same. This is absolutely mind blowing. Even during multiple G3s in the past, and that one St.Patricks day event several years ago, it never got this high. 


If the IMF ever goes south, we will get G3 very quickly and maybe even touch G4!

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4 minutes ago, SunspotRager93 said:

What would that do?

That would be Aurora time. Especially if a KP7 happens. Then frick sleep and I’ll go try and see northern lights. 

Just now, MinYoongi said:

Its the highest value in like 5 years. cool. :) 

Wait for real? Damn. 

43 minutes ago, CMEHunter said:

The Hemispheric Power is amazingly low for a Kp 6 with this density and IMF strength! The solar wind speed is coming up, but the Bz just needs to flip south🤞

Yeah, that bz is being bs 

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