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AR 13105


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6 hours ago, MinYoongi said:

Back to region 3105. It now got assigned 5% X class chance, but to ME it looks less complex than yesterday. what do you guys say? @Newbie

To me it doesn't appear as complex either, however there was sigmoid activity earlier today and maybe this is the reason for 5% X.


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34 minutes ago, Calder said:

To me, this also looks like just a Beta. Now, 3107 on the other hand looks like a Beta Gamma.

Hello Calder, 3107 has developed. Definitely polarity intermixing!



2 minutes ago, MinYoongi said:

I dont really know if noaa calculates that into it cuz they only state "sunspots" and "ch" at the site

Hello Min, SWPC spend a lot of time on data analysis, as WildWill mentioned in an earlier post. This involves a lot of drawing, overlaying, working out boundaries, polarities and so on to produce the synoptic maps. However I would be surprised if they didn't use every resource available to them when making their predictions including past and present activity.


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1 minute ago, MinYoongi said:

I just wondered. On suvi it looks really active. Maybe it deserves its own topic soon

Yes I wondered that a while back Min... because they were so close it was easy to comment on both at the same time. 3107 has been more active than 3105 lately. :)


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