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Found 7 results

  1. From the album: Sun refractor 185 mm Halpha

    A magnificent solar flare this May 13, 2024 with my 185mm apo Askar scope with Fabry Perot PST Coronado optimized Halpha Barlow 2.5 x and Camera player one

    © andre cassese

  2. From the album: refractor 150 mm halpha observatoire Rocbaron

    Solar Flare May 10, 2023. Photos made with my 150 mm Halpha refractor telescope equipped with his stallion Fabry Perot PST Coronado prototype of 2004, optimized and modified by me, a Barlow 2x for enlargement and my Apollo IMX 429 camera.

    © Andre cassese

  3. From the album: Soleil Halpha lunette 120 mm et 80 mm

    Here is the first image taken with my new 120 mm Frehel achromatic and diaphragmed 100 mm sunglasses allowing me to reach an ideal F/D 10 ratio for observation with a standard PST modification on February 24, 2023. The Fabry Perot standard comes from an old 2005 PST Coronado telescope that I have just recovered and transformed with various optical filters. I then installed inside the telescope, a Lumicon rejection filter for the 77 mm aperture Halpha allowing increased contrast and a black background of the resulting image. This construction is perfectly complementary to the 150 mm Halpha telescope and well suited to turbulence depending on the observation conditions.

    © Andre cassese

  4. From the album: refractor 150 mm halpha observatoire Rocbaron

    solar ejections and sunspots very active areas November 11, 2022. Refractor 150 mm apo halpha with modified and optimized double fabry Perrot PST standards (DMK 41 camera and 2x barlow)

    © Andre cassese

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