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Found 11 results

  1. From the album: Sun refractor 185 mm Halpha

    The large active ejection zone May 9, 2024 AR 3664 185 mm APO refractor in double stack Febry Perot PST Coronado modified and optimized Camera player one and barlow 2.5x
  2. Greetings dear SWL people, I'm looking for individual active regions' evolution data. What you already provide is gorgeous (for example, https://www.spaceweatherlive.com/en/solar-activity/region/13387.html), but I wonder if an archive of more than one AR at a time exists. I.e. can these data be downloaded in some way other than giving the AR number by hand in the URL? I guess this also means that the data would be in a more machine-friendly format. Thanks in advance for any support that you can rpovide, Helen
  3. From the album: refractor 150 mm halpha observatoire Rocbaron

    This January 10, 2023, a very active sun with beautiful eruptive zones on an infernal boiling cauldron. 150 mm halpha F/D 8 telescope with double PST standard, 2 x barlow and Apollo IMX 429 camera.

    © Andre cassese

  4. From the album: refractor 150 mm halpha observatoire Rocbaron

    solar ejections and sunspots very active areas November 11, 2022. Refractor 150 mm apo halpha with modified and optimized double fabry Perrot PST standards (DMK 41 camera and 2x barlow)

    © Andre cassese

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