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Question about total magnetic flux in mFU


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Hello, I am currently working on an end of semester project with the goal of figuring out the average intensity of C, M, and X class solar flares by taking into account the number of flares recorded of each type, and the total x-ray intensity in mFU (1mFU = 10^-6 watts/m^2). I'm trying to understand how to read the graphs provided in the archive sections of the solar flare reports in order to log the total intensity recorded over three-day periods.

This is the NASA tutorial document that my partner and I are using as a template for the math involved: CH4v3.pdf (nasa.gov) (Pages 17 and 18 specifically).

Is there an easy way to see the total x-ray intensity recorded over three day periods with the archives on this site?

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You can find the data here. The "primary" folder contains the data from GOES-18, "secondary" is GOES-16. Under each there is an "xray-flares-7-day.json" file which contains all the recorded flares from the past 7 days, you can filter those out as needed. This is e.g. the file for GOES-18. The value I'm assuming you're after is "max_xrlong", which represents the peak flux of the flare.

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