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G2 geomagnetic storm (KP6)

Isatsuki San

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Giving credit where it is due - NOAA SWPC scored well for issuing the G2/G1 watches and predicting both the arrival time and strength of the geomagntic storm accurately.

This would be a good test case for them to look into the WSA-Enlil model to see if they can do a better job of predicting the solar wind density which is frequently overestimated.

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The CME may have arrived at /14 03:36Z at DSCOVR, the velocities being reasonable around 400-450km/s. Going past /14 12:00Z is a CH HSS, no way around it based on the high velocities. The IMF though, I have no idea. It could be a merger or part of a complex CH region.

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11 hours ago, Sunboi said:

Definitely nothing to be scared about 😂


It does seem like it merged or was deflected a bit by the HSS and didn’t pack the punch it had originally been forecasted with. It doesn’t matter too much to me as it’s a snowstorm right now… hopefully 2975 comes around with some fuel left to burn! 

Thats what i meant! :)


2975 looks to be well to me 

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