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G2 (KP6) Geomagnetic Storm


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30 minutes ago, Auroragub said:

Blew me away! It was my second time photographing aurora here as it doesn't happen often but this one really had me dancing! Cant wait to have a proper camera and not a 2yr old Samsung phone haha, hope you had a chance last night for some good flicks!

I have not had a chance, the Bz has been very solidly northward for like 6 hours plus now, I think I’ll give up waiting and go to bed, it’s midnight 

Yes, definitely get a DSLR, it will make an amazing difference!



Okay, this is getting kind of ridiculous.  Any south?? Any?? It's been like 6 hours...
Imagine if this graph was flipped 🤤


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Imagine being me. I have been out for a very long time, looking at the aurora. It starts to disappear. My extremly cold and tired brain said "Lets go home, that's all." Literally 10 minutes after i left, with a 5 minute drive from location to home i saw the magnetometer. 

And to add to . It's been the best aurora i've seen(I live really far south in Sweden). I feel happy and satisfied thinking that I got the full experience. When I saw the magnetometer from Kiruna I wanted more and the feeling of satisfaction and happiness was replaced with "IF I just didnt leave..."


Well well cykelställ as we say in Sweden. 


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