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Activity from AR2918

Sam Warfel

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33 minutes ago, Orneno said:

Bit of a surprise activity, AR2918 is in the process of emitting an M1 flare.  It appears to be long-duration as well.
A CME to follow, perhaps?

We were all focused on 2916, but 2918 has usurped the stage!image.png.65be53f3dddfab66275f73587ce5f7f8.png


Wow! I saw the data and thought to myself "Yes! AR2916 finally woke up", but turns out it isn't! It's not dead center on Earth but I bet this could still be geoeffective if any CMEs are launched.

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This would make an interesting case to examine in slow motion given the percolating C flares 4 hours earlier from this region.  From this burgeoning activity, one could have perhaps predicted a strong flare was imminent.   Some large coronal loops in the region and north-extending filament(s) appeared to be interacting as well.  ah-aH-CHOOO!

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25 minutes ago, Solarflaretracker200 said:

So no CME? If this is right, then a CME has to be from a long duration flare? (Who knows if that's right because I just read that off the internet while searching something up.)

I think AR 2918 is making a M class right now 

A CME does not have to originate from a long duration flare, but in general long duration events are more likely to produce a CME than an impulsive event. It does appear AR2918 just flared again, but this one looks more impulsive than the M-flare several hours ago. No CME was produced with the earlier activity.

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17 minuten geleden, NightOwl zei:

How can you tell if there is coronal dimming after a flare? I've seen this term a lot but haven't been able to figure out what to look for.

The SIDC has developed a tool that analyses SDO imagery specific for corona dimming. You can find it here: https://wwwbis.sidc.be/solardemon/dimmings.php

as the term indicates, it is literally dimming of the solar corona 😉 hence the name coronal dimming.

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