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G2 predicted!


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Hey Friends.

Just seen in Noaa Forecast they expect G2 Storming on Monday or Tuesday.

What do you think? Will the Aurora be beautiful? Are some of you excited to take pretty pictures? 😇💞

Im excited for the Pictures but as always I'm a bit scared.

Will this cause a big Power Outage or smth? I dont think/hope so!

Have a good night (for my European friends) or a great evening (for my NA friends) 😀

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Aurora is always beautiful 😉 I saw amazing Aurora even with Kp2 in Sweden 🤷‍♂️.

the G1 sparked a lot of great Aurora around the world and we’ve seen very nice pictures (see our Twitter mentions and on our Facebook page). The G2 is a watch and is not guaranteed it will happen, but based on the current days of elevated geomagnetic activity it’s plausible that with the coronal hole it could spark some nice Aurora again up to G2.

these storms, like a G2, don’t cause any damage or power outages. It would take a G5 for that and if you live in a city around the Van Allen belt. 

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You said a G2 "don't cause any damage" but for me the G1 cause damage, I live at 15 km at a little town, I receive the comunicativos via Wimax, and this not work very well at G1 and the 4G some times this have failure too

Sorry for my English

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Once again attempting to hijack a thread to talk about alternative science...

I'm certain that this is the case. Either that, or you've forgotten both basic posting etiquette and that there is a forum here specifically for topics like that:


There are also a couple of existing topics that your comment could fit into:



Please make use of the proper category for your posts. Don't simply click onto the last active topic thread from the home page, especially when it isn't relevant to the post you're going to make. It's rude and disruptive.

Edited by Christopher S.
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The directly observable effect of the G2 storm at my location was an increase in the background noise level  in the 40-meter amateur band (7.0-7.3MHz).  During the storm my measured noise level was S6 (S-unit scale with values from S1-S9).  It was not a blackout by any means, only a slightly degraded condition during which weaker signals at or below a received S6 signal level could not be pulled out of the noise.  Today, during quiet geomagnetic conditions, my measured noise level is S3, which is normal at my location.

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It is 100% safe to fly even during geomagnetic storms. If space weather conditions are so severe that it becomes dangerous to fly over the poles, flights are diverted or cancelled but this is very rare. G1 conditions are expected which is just minor storming. The only way we human beings will be affected by this will be aurora displays visible from locations like the US-Canadian border.

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