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Found 4 results

  1. See the region on the northeastern limb/top left? 14 days prior, there is old 3691 on the northwestern limb. It is expected to return today or tomorrow.
  2. We have been analyzing solar cycles for a few decades now. We are here to discuss a few new details. this will include a little bit of solar cycle, grand solar cycle, time cycle and a little more to all of them. this is believed that we have a 11 years long solar cycle. Ideally, it has 10.2 years time +/- imbalance. these are the timelines when we have one of the most active Sun and least active Sun too at a difference of 5 years approx. the time of solar maxima or the actual minima is not known to science as there is not established theory on this topic. The scientists have been trying their hands proving the same since 1971, but no success so far. Here, are a few points, where you may connect the dots. there is a formation of boundaries within and out of the solar system. these boundaries are formed everywhere in the universe, between two hot or two cold layers of formation. planets have their on trajectories and so the Sun, galactic center and BIG SUN (mother star to all galaxies). We haven't been able to venture in galactic and outer galactic space so far and hence, we don't have any idea of outer space. but..... but you can calculate it. The actual solar cycle has only 20.4 years time, where you get 2 solar minima & 2 solar maxima, one after the other. the actual time of sun activity may not be divided inti exact half, as the celestial movements and gravity of the solar masses may effect the production of solar flares. but, if you notice, the solar maxima or minima, if cant be calculated by dividing the full solar cycle by 2 (for one scientific solar cycle) or 4 (for half of the scientific solar cycle), then it can shift to either side only by 3-6 months time. more deviation is not possible. Means almost every 9th or 11th year you will see a maxima and same is applied to a solar minima too. this all depends on the boundaries created by the pair of planets in the solar system. what is important to know that these 2 solar minimas in one solar cycle of 20.4 years time, will not have the same intensity. One of them is going to be a major Minima & another one will be a Minor minima. same applies to maxima also. A grand solar cycle (shouldn't be know as "solar cycle") has a life of 170.666 years +/- imbalance. this Grand solar cycle (which is related to the solar system, not Sun only) will have 2 grand solar minima & 2 grand solar maxima. this also means that during the half of a grand solar cycle, you will have one maxima between two grand solar minima. Means, every 42 years after a grand minima, there will be a temperature rise globally and maxima will arrive. then 42 years after a maxima, there will be a temperature drop globally. measuring it is also not easy. this temperature difference will be noticed only in the upper atmospheric layers to lower atmospheric layers only. On the contrary, when atmospheric temperature is going down towards a grand solar minima, the surface temperature on earth will increase towards a minima due to the difference in gravity created during a minima. But if you consider any global report of solar fluctuations, temperature rise and drop or the pandemic, they will show you a cycle of 170.666 years approx. in 2 half parts of the total cycle. For our solar system, Earth, Jupiter, mars etc are considered to be the planets for its mother star SUN. if we assume that there are just the baby stars and mother stars in this universe, then...... Moon has its mother star as earth. Planets have their mother star as Sun & Sun will have its mother star as galactic center. though the last one is not true. For a galactic center the baby star is always a solar system with a celestial boundary (heliosphere). Sun is never accounted from the outer space and there is a possibility that if a life will look at the solar system from the galactic space, they might look at the bright heliosphere, not the planets inside. As we have a grand solar cycle of 170.666 years, this is created by the outermost boundary of the solar system, which gravitationally may effect the uniformity of our solar system. this will further be accounted as the one complete spin of the galactic center. This is another unknown fact that our solar system completes one orbit around the galactic center in a time equivalent to the 54 spins of the galactic center and this is how a Super Grand solar cycle can be calculated to the 6.75 x 170.666 =1152 Solar System Years (not earth Years). what does it all mean? this means that " in a solar cycle of 10.2 years approx, you will have a minima and maxima and total solar cycle of one major and one minor minima will have 20.4 years time". "In a Grand solar cycle of 85.333 years approx, you will have a grand minima and a grand maxima and total grand solar cycle of one major and one minor grand minima will have 170.666 years time." " in a Super grand solar cycle of 1152 Solar years (Not Earth Years) approx, you will have a Super minima and Super maxima" Like we have a solar energy penetration pattern here changing twice in 170 years time, similarly, the group of these grand solar cycle will also have a maxima & minima once in 1152 solar system's years. That peak or the Super Grand minima will be known as the transition period for humanity. above abstract has been given based on purely mathematical calculations of "Theory of Everything". hence, chances of failure are none. 1152 solar system's years can be taken as 2300 earth years for current period and 3400 years after Year 2340. All of them have been calculated based on the time dilation (not based on Einstein's formulation, so these are accurate)applicable to solar and galactic space . This is important to know, why we have discussed these many details, for which modern science has no understanding so far. Here is the answer, This solar cycle is one of the peak close to the grand solar cycle, started in 1970. this decade is going to be the worst, but much better than coming grand solar minimas. next one is after 85 years, but going to be a minor grand solar minima, then again a major one (much stronger than now) & so on. There is a science working behind it. Everything coming to Earth, SOlar Syatem & galactic space can be calculated, but a better idea is to prepare in advance. We are in year 2023 & we are heading towards the Peak of this Super Grand SOlar Minima (Year 2023). Every coming grand solar minima, will break all the previous records of almost everything. This time may change the future of mankind. Or the Mankind will change the future of galaxy by fighting against the TIME. We believe that the mankind on Earth is meant to be the best in our Galaxy for a few logical reasons. I hope, we wont let down the name of "Humankind". Calculations are long, but i would love to have your words on this. suggestions, reviews and questions invited. I'll try to answer every logical question. thanking you all for being with us.....
  3. solar activity and health-issues (pain) since topic https://community.spaceweatherlive.com/topic/1449-geomagnetic-fluctuations-and-seizures/ was closed, and in another topic somebody asked me to do a forumthread about it, so here we go! First i'd like to ask especially the sceptics to hold back on attacks about correlation. Do your own thread on correlation if you like, thx. and i'm sure, the posters here will all have seen a looot of doctors allready, so spare us this kind of comment too pls. lets be friendly, respect- and helpful to each other. i'd like to share and hope you'll share too: 1. stories about different healthissues in observed relation to solar events 2. what parameters and sources (links!) do you use to verify a relation 3. share links to scientific work and research about this 4. post what helps you, cause this gives insight in whats reacting, elaborate/link if you can 5. eventually using here our sensitivity for proof! cause i know, we can be or are faster than nasa! (how often did spaceweather ask itself, if that cme will hit us, and i thought: i'm 100% sure it will, cause my pain is rising, and i'm allways right) 6. last but not least: not being alone or feelin' crazy with that sensitivity or healthissue 7., etc please add important points! main aim: help each other to learn and understand, verify, explore and share the issue. so i gather all my courage and tell my story...: i suffer from chronic pain, due to an accident, but there was also a severe bacterial infection and a severe poisoning at work in the beginning years. my tissue goes hot when pain rises, immobilising. 2008 i met a woman, working in brain, psychology and children, she suffered from pain too, multiple sclerosis, and i lamented, that i didnt understood those days i had stronger pain, without having done too much or done something bad. she replied: "oh! we have geomagnetic storm today! me too! (pain)". she had to tell me on 3 different occasions over many months, (everytime the same: i had done nothing to have this much pain) before i started to investigate this, because i thought she's a bit crazy although she was very smart... also the tourette-syndrome man on the other side of the street was freakin out, shouting loud on his balcony when this geomagnetic activity was high. i was becoming curious. she gave me this link: https://www.swpc.noaa.gov/products/real-time-solar-wind i didnt understand and started to learn. i found spaceweather.com, a site that explained a lot, but pain didnt match allways. was it the cme? the flare? the protons? the electrons? the geoactivity? what protons do is very interesting, see wikipedia! i expanded more and more, nasa's site and links were very helpful, i wanted data and explanations. i used pretty much of what you find here on spaceweatherlive.com and more. a lot matched, but not everything! for me the correlation wasnt 100% yet. until the day i found lasco c2+c3 combo. combo was a revelation. suddenly everything matched. allways. every single painattack. see: https://www.spaceweatherlive.com/en/solar-activity/solar-images/soho.html, click the film-icon and click "48hr diff combo". (before i used https://soho.nascom.nasa.gov/data/realtime/mpeg/) i hear the cme's. combo revealed, that i can hear the farside flares and cme's nearly as loud as the frontsides (before combo i hadnt a match for the farside-events i heard and felt) resulting in " surprise auroras" and for me: pain. i can tell today by the amount and type of pain what kp and proton/cm³ we have. i can tell by the high tone i hear, what category flare we have (i have no tinnitus, cause i hear it only while flares and cme's). especially the high tone makes me faster than nasa, having to wait everytime up to 10 minutes to see the flare in the stats, with protons i have to wait even longer to see excess, up to 48hrs for big farsides, see erne data https://srl.utu.fi/erne_data/ . kiruna is also important for me: https://www2.irf.se/Observatory/?link=Magnetometers but combo totally ruled to show me i wasnt mad, when i saw all the farside stuff goin on there, which wouldnt appear as a strong flux or cme in the stats, but my pain indicated, and on combo you could see, when the farside was "exploding". one day, i didnt know then what i was hearing, i ran out to the street and asked people " didn't you hear that? what was that?!!!", but nobody heard it. later, when i found the archive here, i found out: it was a x-flare! and i tracked all my hospitaltimes, all the severe brakedowns, i have everything in a pain diary... and everything matches, every single episode of severe, immobilising pain is related to strong flares, cme's, coronal holes, strong protonhit, strong earth shaking through geomagnetism. so for me and manymany others who suffer and track healtheffects from solar events, this isnt a " believe-thing", its a fact. i organise my days so to do important things before the earth gets the full hit and i cant move anymore. made my live a lot better, believe me! big studies like this one: Environmental variables and the risk of disease Torbjörn Messner Published online: 01 Dec 2005 https://doi.org/10.3402/ijch.v64i5.18033 free access: https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/pdf/10.3402/ijch.v64i5.18033 these kind of studies focus on the "drop dead factor", but its like the poison and the bees: you can poison them with all the pesticides allowed, they won't drop dead directly (thats why the poisons stay allowed), but they are severely impacted and weakened and die slowly (find for example their way home no more). its the same with solar events: they have an impact, the researchers say in the " discussion" part, that there's a lot more to investigate and point to ongoing research. but the media and "shortreaders" just read: no correlation. and yes, i dont drop dead, but i'm like an antenna, my pain is the scale. and knowing about that and acting accordingly is helpful. what helps me: - artemisia annua, but only very good quality, helps against inflammationpeaks. its a free radical catcher, and protonstorms enhance free radicals, and it has a lot of iron and other useful anti-inflammatory ingredients and its not harming the stomach. - and magn cl², in crystalform, much cheaper than the "ready-oil", make your own "oil"! i dont know why they call it oil, its water and this magnesium chlorid (salty!). i put it on hard muscles, relaxes nearly instantly without swallowing. but careful with eyes and nose etc, its very very salty and burns like hell on open wounds!!! read wiki to learn what magn cl² does on cell- and nervebasis. and add a layer good oil for the skin over the magn cl², cause it dries the skin and in the winter it " makes cold aka attracts water/humidity", but not with oil on it (dont mix it, first the magn cl2 water, second, wait a bit, the skinoil=better result) since the sun gains activity again, my pain is rising accordingly. how about you?
  4. After AR3112 gave us an amazing entry, and AR3110 giving us the first X-flare in months, the sun is giving us a break on solar activity. With the exit of regions 3112, 3116 and 3119, this could be the 2nd spotless day of the year! Some exceptions include: Region 3121 becomes stronger overtime; Incoming regions coming in early; A possible new sunspot region southwest of the sun; AR3119 exiting the region later than usual; We shall wait and see as the sun calms down, possibly for the last time.
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