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Is 2492 like 2192 in that it can't launch a CME?

Guest danderson500

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Good question danderson. I don't think so. Thus far, it's flares have either been weak M-class or to impulsive and to localized. 2192 produced long duration X-class solar flares and failed to launch any significant CMEs. 2422 hasn't produced any X-class events yet. It's strongest flare was a very localized and impulsive M7 event.

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looking at LASCO the CME    misses earth?

We consider it likely that the CME from the prominence eruption that you are referring to misses Earth. A shock might pass us but the effects should be minor and short lasting if that's the case.

a bit off topic but would have the prominence erupton/CME caused any issues if aimed at Earth?


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