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28 August 2015


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The last week of August was very "stressful" for me... lots of aurora sightings quite far south during the middle of the week and I couldn't just sit and wait anymore! On the Thursday night I checked thoroughly all weather forecasts, crossed my fingers and booked a flight for the next morning to Helsinki.

Once there, I rented a car and drove about 100km further north just to escape light pollution. I found a nice beach facing north on a small lake... and as soon as the sky was dark enough... voilà! My first "southern" auroras, my first summer auroras, my first auroras above a non frozen lake!






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Thanks Marcel! That's exactly it: I couldn't take it anymore so I flew to Finland. I stayed just 2 days!

Now really mad at having a family reunion in France tomorrow haha, otherwise I would certainly already be back north!

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