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Where to find K-Index forecast?


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There is no reliable way to forecast future geomagnetic activity to far in advance. The NOAA SWPC does have such a list for the next 27 days or so based on returning coronal holes but as I mentioned, it is not a reliable forecast.


Would it be the one for 27 day forecast?

Is there any other index to forecast future geomagnetic activity more reliable?

Thank you very much for any suggestions :>

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They use the Wing-Kp index just like we use. But the Kp-index only tells part of the story. Do not forget to check the readings from ACE and your local magnetometers!

I would like to know more on what difference is between K-index and Kp-index, would both index be the same?

Furthermore, in order to understand the whole story, what role do reading from ACE and local magnetometers play on analyzing future geomagnetic conditions?

Do you have any suggestions?
Thanks, to everyone very much for any suggestions :>


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The K-index and Kp-index are almost the same. The K-index is a K-value for a single magnetometer station and the Kp-index is a K-value of multiple magnetometers around the world. The small ''p'' stands for planetary.

Readings from ACE give us about an one hour advance warning of the solar wind conditions before it arrives at Earth and magnetometers show us the current geomagnetic conditions.

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