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14 October 2014

Marcel de Bont

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Aurora conditions became unexpectedly high two nights ago following a long period of southward directed IMF either related to coronal hole effects or a glancing blow from a CME. Either way, NOAA observed three periods of minor G1 geomagnetic storm conditions (maximum observed Kp at any point in a 3 hour period) during the European evening/night and this caused spectacular auroral displays near LuleÃ¥, Sweden. Enjoy!





If you also have images from this night please share them!

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Guest Denis Hessengrenze

Altough not the best pictures in the world, they have been taken in Rovaniemi, Finland right from the balcony of the appartment I stayed. I apologize for f***ing up the focus on some of these ;)

All taken with a lousy Canon EOS1100D and the awesome Canon 24mm F1.4L USM II



















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Guest Denis Hessengrenze

Yep, actually they were a nice present for my fiance's birthday party over there ;-)


Just looked at the EXIF data and those were taken between 18:30 and 21:30 UT. I was very blessed with some pretty neat Aurora sightings while my travels over there, if you take the shitty weather in rovaniemi into account ;)

We're planning on driving along Norway next year's Autumn as weather seems to be much better over there (even though we're probably on decreasing sun activity then)

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