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Class X farside ?

Guest Stephane Mabille

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Well spotted. Here is what we posted on Facebook and Google+ regarding this event:
The Earth-facing side is relatively quiet but a sunspot region on the far side erupted with a massive (likely X-class) solar flare today. A bright and fast Coronal Mass Ejection (first speed calculation based on STEREO Behind footage clocks the CME at a speed over 2500 (!) km/s) became visible but it is unfortunately heading away from Earth. Based on this we can conclude that if this eruption was Earth-directed we would have likely seen a severe to extreme (G4 to G5) geomagnetic storm.

At Earth we measured an Type II Radio Emission with an estimated velocity of 2079 km/s. What this means is that even though the eruption occurred on the far side, there was a shock wave trough the corona (sun's atmosphere) that reached all the way on the Earth-side of the solar disk. This shock wave is also what we see in this video by NASA Solar Dynamics Observatory (Little SDO) which watches the Sun from Earth's perspective.

This region is still a couple of days away from rotating onto the Earth-facing disk but it looks like there is a very promising sunspot region hiding behind the eastern limb.


Additional media:


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Another impressive far side solar flare.

Yesterday around 22:15 UTC, there was yet another large (likely X-class) solar flare. This time however the eruption didn't came from the northern hemisphere region that we talked about yesterday. This flare came from a new region just north-east of old active region 2144 which is located on the southern hemisphere of the Sun. Another CME was seen racing away from the Sun but it is not heading towards Earth.

These two regions are about 3 days away from rotating around the eastern limb. Let's hope they stay active on the earth-facing side of the solar disk!

This image from STEREO Behind highlights the flare and the regions that we are soon going to be very interested in.

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Guest Stephane Mabille

Yes we still have detector CCD contaminated by protons that contaminate SOHO


Protons 10 - 50 - 100 MeV progress. 






Météo spatiale message Code Promo: ALTEF3 
Numéro de série: 2117 
Durée de l'émission: 2014 2 septembre 0946 UTC

ALERTE SUITE: Electron 2MeV intégrale Flux dépassé 1000pfu 
Poursuite du numéro de série: 2116 
Heure de début: 2014 30 août 1335 UTC 
Hier 2MeV maximum Flux: de 3505 

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