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Active Region 2151 - (M5.9)

Marcel de Bont

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SpaceWeatherLive Report

Analysis of the Solar Activity August 24, 2014

Analysis of the past 24h

Sunspot region 2151 gave us a big surprise with a spectacular M5.98 (R2-moderate) solar flare at 12:17 UTC. The solar flare is eruptive as you can see on this image from NASA Solar Dynamics Observatory and a CME will likely be launched. It might however not be earth-directed as this region is close to the east-limb but we will of course keep you updated as more data becomes available. This post will be updated as the day progresses.






Here is a video of the M5.98 solar flare that occurred today at 12:17 UTC. This is a composite video from SDO in the 131-193 and 171 Angstrom wavelengths.



Coronal Mass Ejection

The latest SOHO/LASCO imagery shows a bright CME leaving the south-east limb but more imagery is needed for a thorough analysis.




10cm Radio Burst

Space Weather Message Code: SUM10R

Serial Number: 624

Issue Time: 2014 Aug 24 1249 UTC

SUMMARY: 10cm Radio Burst

Begin Time: 2014 Aug 24 1209 UTC

Maximum Time: 2014 Aug 24 1210 UTC

End Time: 2014 Aug 24 1216 UTC

Duration: 7 minutes

Peak Flux: 409 sfu

Latest Penticton Noon Flux: 132 sfu


Type II Radio Emission

Space Weather Message Code: ALTTP2

Serial Number: 954

Issue Time: 2014 Aug 24 1249 UTC

ALERT: Type II Radio Emission

Begin Time: 2014 Aug 24 1214 UTC

Estimated Velocity: 593 km/s


LASCO imagery is now complete and shows an impressive CME leaving the south-east limb. There is a partial halo to be seen but all the ejecta is heading east and away from Earth. This CME will not arrive at Earth. A small CME can also be seen leaving the west limb at the same time but that is from another eruption and not part of the M5 CME.






What can we expect in the upcoming 24h?

Sunspot region 2151 looks like a fairly simple Beta region so this is for sure a very large surprise. We can not rule out more M-class activity especially from sunspot region 2146.

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