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Donation goal 2014

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The year 2014 is only 4 months old but we already made it to our yearly donation goal! This means we will be able to keep SpaceWeatherLive online this year! Many people have put in a donation already and thanks to the many visitors that we got to welcome, the revenue from the advertisements were higher than expected as well. Thank you, and a special thanks to the following persons who made a donation this year!

P. Hanneteg (SV)

R. Elzein (NL)

G. Appelmans (BE)

M. Sonnemann (AU)

P. Van Dijk (NL)

L. Bald (CA)

J. S. Kerr (UK)

E. Touwen (NL)

A. Moulinet (FR)

L. Bourgeois (FR)

P. Creytens (BE)

S. D'Alton (Australia)

H. Ceelen (NL)

S. Ballance (UK)

R. Jeschke (DE)

J. Gnass (USA)

R. Stuart (UK)

S. Hibon (FR)

B. Reichle (NO)

F. Jakobsen (DK)

R. Biggar (USA)

S. Watjou (BE)

R. Blumenstein (USA)

M. Moore (USA)

Of course donations remain welcome, with extra funding we can keep the server online for even longer or upgrade to a stronger server if our current rate of growth continues. The entire SpaceWeatherLive team thanks everyone for their support, this project wouldn't be possible without you!

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