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Active Region 2002

Marcel de Bont

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Analysis of the Solar Activity


Solar activity is at moderate levels thanks to sunspot region 2002. It produced 3 M-class flares (all M1) over the past 48 hours. The first two of these flares did not produce a CME and it is likely that it's latest flare also didn't produce a CME. But why is this region so active? It is still rather small!


Well, this region has a Beta-Gamma-Delta magnetic layout. It possess a small delta spot in it's intermediate section. This delta structure is fairly compact and this causes the M-class flares. This is a region to keep an eye on over the coming days.

Image - it's latest M-class flare. M1.0 at 20:28 UTC:

What can we expect in the upcoming 24h?

This region will likely continue to develop over the next 24 hours. More low-level M-class flares are very much possible. X-class flares are not to be expected.

M-class flare probability: 40% chance

X-class flare probability: 5% chance

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Guest Keith Woodard

Good Day,


What is the difference in the type of radiation that is expelled from the sun through a strong solar flare and a CME event?




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