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Active Region 1928

Marcel de Bont

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SpaceWeatherLive Solar Activity Update

December 22, 2013 - 09:50 UTC


Solar activity increased to moderate levels thanks to two M-class solar flares from region 1928.

The first flare was an M1.9 flare that peaked at 08:11 UTC and the second flare occurred at 08:37 UTC and had a peak strength of M1.1. It is not likely that there were Coronal Mass Ejections associated with these events due to the impulsive nature of the flares. Latest STEREO imagery confirm this and do not show a CME.











What can we expect in the upcoming 24 hours?

There are currently no images available from the SDO HMI and AIA instruments so we are not able to judge the flaring potential of this region. It is likely that this region has the potential to produce more M-class flares.

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