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Kins naar Lapland winter 2013-14


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Someone at NASA forgot to warn about the arrival of God knows what, but it was goooooooooood!!! So good that I can say they were the best Auroras that I have ever seen in all these trips to Lapland the past 2 years. And by far!


The evening started slowly with a big risk of clouds all over the place but when I saw the Ovation model I thought I have to be extra smart and moved....... and it worked!


The auroras lasted all night, and the only reason that I went inside was because I started seeing the Eastern sky glow from the sun that would soon come back.


More photos to follow after I catch some sleep!





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I've done a couple of timelapse sequences at the beginning of the evening but did not catch these moments.


The aurora was all over the sky, few seconds here then few seconds behind then few seconds somewhere else again. Each "movement", by the time that I had my camera pointing at the right direction, I just had time to get a couple of shots.


I tried to film in real time but the moon f*cked up the exposure I think, I didn't even copy the movies from the memory card so more about that later ;)

Indeed Marcel! But everyone was announcing this would arrive on Sunday/Monday, quite surprising to see it yesterday! Anyway, not complaining, it was so amazing :)

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Ooooh! Wow I missed that one! So small haha! Never imagined it could produce such effects ;) So now I'll also watch for tiny coronal holes :)

I'm hoping to find an opening tonight, values are still strong but....... IMF should remain north...... :(

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I left Lapland yesterday, after 3 amazing weeks up there, although the weather was terrible for the first 2 weeks. I saw (far) less auroras than 1 week ago (not only due to weather but also much lower activity), but nonetheless I don't regret one second that I went so long over there!


I made a short timelapse of my last night (19 March). Soft but almost all night long auroras :)


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Thanks to both of you!


It's hard to be gone but I shall return :)


Probably in the summer first, to see how it looks like with the midnight sun and then New Year for more auroras

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