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Comet C/2012 S1 (ISON)

Marcel de Bont

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Put it in your agenda: today in exactly a week (November 28th) comet C/2012 S1 (ISON) will fly past the Sun and the Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) will be there to capture it!

The SDO science team will point the spacecraft away from the Sun at three predefined points (approach, perihelion, departure) to give us the best view on comet ISON as it moves through perihelion. The Sun will still be in the frame but only partially.

Perihelion (when ISON will be at it's nearest to the Sun) will occur at 18:44 UTC on November 28th. About 100 minutes before perihelion, SDO will be pointed at the “Approach” position. It takes about 5 minutes to point and settle the spacecraft to show different location. Every position will then be observed for 1 hour, followed by 5 minutes of ''move & settle'' time. At 20:19 UTC, SDO will point back to the Sun and ISON will be on it's way to fly out of the solar system.

In the animation below you will see where SDO will be pointed as ISON flies past the Sun. The NASA/SDO science team tested these maneuvers on November 6th with success.


Footage and information courtesy of NASA/SDO, HMI, and AIA science teams.

The SpaceWeatherLive team will provide images and videos of the event. You can follow it live on our special ISON page! Follow us to not miss a thing!



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Guest lorendesmc

Bonjour à tous, pourquoi le soleil est il si calme ? ses éruptions de début novembre nous laissaient croire  Ã  un possible réveil mais il n'est rien à ce jour. Ison interagit très peu avec lui et nous laisse penser que cette comète va continuer son bout de chemin..

Merci aux commentaires que vous laissez sur ce site que je trouve très intéressant.

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