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100% Thank you!

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Thank you all so much for your continued support for our initiative, today marks the day that we've reached this years goal to pay off our server and domain names. All donations are going to the server that we are on so that we can stay online during strong solar storms when thousands of visitors are online to know when it's good to go outside to watch the Aurora Borealis or Aurora Australis or just want to look at the active regions of the solar disk or browse in our extensive archive.

In particular we want to thank these persons who donated over the past year:

  • M. De Bont (SV)
  • M. de Groot (NL)
  • A. Rosenthaler (CH)
  • P. van Dijk (NL)
  • J. Delean (FR)
  • P. Block (USA)
  • HKH Computers (Qatar)
  • J. Caspian (USA)
  • P. Odom (USA)
  • P. Hulbert (UK)
  • R. Warren (AUS)
  • C. Reeves (UK)
  • I. Rondot (FR)
  • G. Ferrand (CA)
  • R. halvorsen-ferns (USA)
  • E. Shack (USA)
  • M. Waters (UK)
  • S. D'Alton
  • G. Humphreys (UK)
  • A. Ferber (USA)
  • A. Barr
This year we've noticed some outages on our server and noticed that we might had to get some more juice for the server due to the enormous growth in visitors. So thanks to your support we where able to invest in a newer environment that will result in more performance and can handle much more visitors. Thank you for making this possible!

Please continue to support us so we can actively invest in this website and give you the best Space Weather experience possible!

Best regards,

Vancanneyt Sander

Founder of SpaceWeatherLive.com

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