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As you've might have noticed, the site looks a little bit different today! We're glad to announce and launch the new revision of our main layout of the website. In this post we'll go through the main changes that we've made.

  • Mobile first
    As our website is also frequently used on the road during aurora hunting, in fact 25% of our visitors uses a smartphone or tablet to surf on our website. Because of that, we've improved mobile support of the website. Our website adapts better to the devices (tablets, smartphones, desktops). You'll also notice that the mobile menu has got a lot of improvements to make it more easy to surf around on a smartphone. Tablet users will no longer see the smartphone layout, the new layout will adapt itself to your tablet.
  • Much improvements in code making it faster than ever
  • New buttons with a more flatter design
  • Dropped support for Internet Explorer 8 and Firefox 3.6
    The layout uses the latest techniques available and needs a modern browser, because Internet Explorer 8 and FIrefox 3.6 are software from the stone-age and because many users don't use these anymore we decided to drop the support making it easier to maintain the whole layout. It does not mean you can't visit the website, it may just look a bit different.

For the iPhone users, you can also add the website to your home screen so you can easily to our website. And because our website is mobile first, you do not need an extra app! Also follow us on Twitter and activate the notifications on our SpaceWeatherLive account so you'll also get the live alerts as they happen. 


If you experience issues, please let us know, we'll try to squash the bugs ;-)

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