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Coronal Hole (May 30th 2013)

Marcel de Bont

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A large trans-equatorial Coronal Hole has just crossed the central meridian of the sun. Solar wind flowing from it will reach earth tomorrow/June 1st. Want to find out yourself if the Coronal Hole High Speed Stream has arrived yet? Look at the solar wind data on our website: first you will see the density go up, and then comes to speed, with density falling.

On the picture provided you can see the coronal hole as the big dark ''hole'' on the sun. We blurred the rest of the sun to make the coronal hole really stand out. But why does a Coronal Hole look so dark? Coronal Holes exist where the magnetic field of the sun reaches into space instead of back into the sun. This enables the hot gas to escape at higher speeds. They get colored dark on the SDO imagery because there isn't enough hot material.

No geomagnetic storming is expected from this Coronal Hole High Speed Stream. Isolated unsettled (Kp=4) geomagnetic conditions will be possible.

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