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Solar activity April 15th 2013

Tim De Blanck

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Analysis of the Solar Activity April 15th 2013


After the M3 solar flare from April 12th, solar activity decreased back to minor levels, we only saw a few minor C flares. The background flux is around B4 level. 


1718 has rotated of the visible solar disk.

1719 is slowly losing it's magnetic complexity and is a simple Beta spot. No further significant flare activity are expected.


1722 is also slowly losing it's magnetic complexity.


1723 is the only region that is noteworthy on the visible solar disk. It grew very fast in the last 24 hours and got magnetically more complex with now a clear beta-gamma characteristics. The leader spot shows two regions of opposite polarity close to the leader spots. This caused the few minor C-class flares from today.



There were some small C flares today but nothing worth mentioning. If the development in active region 1723 keeps up at this pace we could see further C-class flare activity. 


There are no regions on the farside which could increase activity any time soon.

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