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It happend much sooner then expected. After a succesfull test last night and a lot of tinkering with the settings we were able to transfer the forums to the new software this night. Welcome on the new forum of Poollicht.be/SpaceWeatherLive.

As you immediately see, the forums look totally different and it is almost beyond recognition. Everything is totally new but you can still log in the same way, with the same accounts as on the old site. New is that you can also log in with your Facebook account, this will save you some steps which you normally have to go trough when registrating.

All existing topics and forums were transferred so nothing has been lost. What you will notice is that a lot of options have been added when viewing topics and when you post. You will also notice that you can add more attachments to a message, but also add video, special bbcode and much more. Try it out!


The biggest addition to the forum is something we were able to immediately launch. We introduce today a brand new gallery where you can post all your aurora photos en photos of the sun. Every member will be able to make their own albums and post for example their pictures of an aurora trip or auroras from the middle latitudes  Every member can also respond to the photos and share them with Facebook and Twitter. Try it out! Are there other suggestions then feel free to respond in this topic or send a private message.


Also the member profiles have been extended with many new options for every member. For example: there are many different notification settings for the boards. You are able to post status updates, easily make contact with other members and add them as friend.


Long story short: a lot has been changed and this is only the tip of the ice berg. Browse around and tell us what you think!


- Poollicht.be / SpaceWeatherLive Team

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Mobile support is great indeed :) But I have visual issues: only black and white forum buttons with no text for "reply" or "quote". Also when typing a message, I don't have any option to insert bold text, or urls, or smileys... I tried both with IE and Firefox, and on 3 different computers, and have the same issue everwhere?

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Hi guys! Just one little remark, yesterday I tried posting a message from my mobile browser (BlackBerry 10 - yeah ok I know, my mistake :ph34r:) but when I was tapping on "plaats" nothing was happening.


I could browse through the entire forum, type a message, etc, but not just send it.


It's not really important but just thought I give some feedback ;)

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