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Active Region 1686

Marcel de Bont

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After a few B-class flares it seems that there was a magnetic mix in Active Region 1686 which was strong enough to cause a short and small M-class flare. The flare peaked at 07:54 UTC with a magnitude of M1.25. The most northern part of this region seems to contain a weak delta structure.

LASCO also showed a halo CME (see attachment) but this seems to be a farside event. This is being confirmed by STEREO (see attachment) which shows a beautiful CME. This probably came from AR1678 which only became active when it started to rotate of the earth side of the sun. This region seems to be active on the backside of the sun but by the time it will rotate back there is a chance that it already started to decay. If this region stays active while it rotates back on the earth side of the sun you will read it here on SpaceWeatherLive of course!

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