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Forum temporary offline on 8-10th March

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Dear visitor of SpaceWeatherLive

We are constantly working to give you the best experience on our website including much asked features by the many visitors of our website. We want to give the international Space Weather Community a new boost so the last couple of weeks we were looking to enhance the current forums and looking at new ways to get the job done. After many tests, discussions and meetings we are proud to announce that we will migrate the current forum to a new system which fits our needs the most and provides users with a better experience.

After the migration you'll see lots of new stuff and also a big new hot part... But we will keep this as a surprise ;-). In a survey with our visitors there was one thing that was much requested so that's the one we will introduce ;-).

Migration will start this friday, the current forum will be brought offline while we take the necessary measures to do the migration. Once the migration is done we will put the new forum online. We will do much configuring of the software during the weekend so don't be amazed if things are changing during the weekend. We do hope to get this job done on sunday evening UTC.

Keep supporting us so we can keep giving you the best Space Weather site!

Best regards,

The SpaceWeatherLive Team

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