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Active Region 1667

Marcel de Bont

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We had to wait more then 2 weeks before we saw some low-level C-class flares but Active Region 1667 finally puts an end to this quiet period. The x-ray background-flux was already rising the past few days and today around 06:00UTC this region almost produced a M-class solar flare which peaked at C8.4. This region is still relatively small but it's showing signs of growth. Also when we look at this regions magnetic layout we can see that there was some interesting polarity intermixing during the C8.4 flare (see attachment). Unfortunately this has disappeared a bit now. Despite of this, AR1667 is still producing multiple C-class flares. Some of those flares also had a relatively long duration. This region does however still look bright on the x-ray images and is capable of producing more C-class flares.

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