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Invalid SSL certificate

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I've got this message when I use SWL app (Android 7) for a few days/ weeks. Tried to reinstall but still the same. Some sun images are missing. 

Is it a global issue or just on my device? Can anybody help / does know a fix?

Thank you!

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Your device is too old... Android 7 is end of life, security updates ended 4 years and 5 months ago (01 Oct 2019). Because the device isn't updated anymore, it also doesn't support more recent protocols and features. 

To get into technical detail for this specific issue:
To get data in the app or to visit the site, a secure connection is made with our server. To achieve a secure connection, there are certificates in place that are regularly updated (certificates have an expiry date in the near future and need to be renewed before the expiry date). We use Let's Encrypt for our signed certificates. That company announced that it will no longer support issuing certificates from the cross-signed CA chain. As certificates need to be renewed every few months to keep them valid it also now lost support for those cross-signed CA chain. The expiration of the cross-signed chain will primarily affect older devices (e.g. Android 7.0 and earlier) and systems that solely rely on the cross-signed chain and lack the ISRG Root X1 chain in their trust store. This change results in certificate validation failures on these devices.

So the only way to avoid that is to update your android version as soon as possible (as you can't update the trust store on your Android device). You'll start to experience more and more of those errors on other sites/apps as Let's encrypt is being used on millions of sites/apps...

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Hi Manu, may I recommend if you need to use oldest version's of Android you can get away with for some compatibility reason or whatnot, there are free android emulators out there including one I use https://www.bignox.com/   - you can customize, create virtual phone/tablet type setups with their software and they have pretty good selection of Android OS selections and you can customize the CPUs emulated and RAM emulated etc.  This way you on one PC/Mac you can have a few Android emulators going and switch back and forth, from old basic setups to more modern. You can then of course still use the Android app for this site if desired, or just go through web on the pc or whatnot, limitless options. 


Good luck :-) 

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Posted (edited)

Ok thank you.

Not sure I can update my Android version, because I experienced in the past that newer versions tend to make my phone slower. And there is usually no way to revert to previous Android versions, once the new version is installed. But I will probably try that, if those issues become more frequent as you suggest

Gonna check bignox, but as far as I understand this is an Android emulation for the computer? I actually use the app on my phone, on the computer I just use the website.

Thank you

 PS : if anybody has any advice about light versions of recent Android to run on older hardware, I would be interested, like a custom ROM or anything like that. Because my phone works ok and suits my needs, except that newer Android versions are too heavy /  resource consuming, etc..

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I can imagine how fast this application runs. A few months ago, I turned on an old tablet with Android 7 and the games I used to play on it required a newer version of the software. Personally, I would advise against messing with system updates and invest in a new device because the applications may soon stop working and the device will gain the functions of old keyboard phones. Your phone stopped being supported with newer updates for a reason, because it simply might not be able to handle it. If you don't need billions of functions, I would recommend buying a non-flagship phone that has at least Android 12. I recently changed my phone after 3 years of use and technologically not much has changed after that time, so I think that for your needs you will find something used for under $100. The cost is low, but the satisfaction of using it is enormous

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