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Gamma Ray Bursts

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I came across a post on another forum where the poster said we've been having 'a lot' of Gamma Ray Bursts, the graph I've pasted is one of the ones they referenced.  Can anyone tell me where this graph originally came from ?  Thanks, Ann



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6 hours ago, Cyril said:

Good find. Here is the direct link to the image in question.


Does anyone know if there are any publications on the GRB/Solar Flares relationship?

I couldn't find anything after searching around for it a little bit. All I could find was about X-ray flares from the GRBs themselves, both before and after the bursts.

I would be surprised if there were any relationship between GRBs and Solar flares at all, but I suppose it's something one could investigate.

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There was a very interesting discussion in this forum about 2.5 years ago about them also triggering lightning simultaneously worldwide.  I will see if It is still archived on this site.. @Ann  Mike.    The discussion on gamma ray bursts begins on December 7 2022 in our “ other” region @Ann  For some reason I was unable to imbed the link here, but you shouldn’t have too much difficulty locating it as ya now have a date to work with.  Hopefully you find it as interesting as we all did.  Mike    Evidently @Newbie located the thread and y’all can use the link she posted.  Thanks @Newbie

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Gamma Ray Bursts (GRB’s) and solar flares are not related to each other.

GRB’s are the product of cataclysmic events that occur in deep space, they are extremely powerful and occur over very short timescales whereas  Gamma Rays that are produced by the Sun during a solar flare occur for longer periods of time and are far less energetic the flares being the product of magnetic activity.

The Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope (Fermi-LAT):Fermi is a NASA mission designed to study gamma-ray sources, including GRBs and solar flares.

The Swift Gamma-Ray Burst Mission: Swift is a multi-wavelength observatory designed to quickly locate and observe GRBs and other gamma radiation.

European Space Agency (ESA) has been involved in various space missions related to gamma-ray astronomy.

Here is the link to a discussion on GRB’s from the forum mentioned above.



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