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Topics about flares and sunspot regions. What do you think?

Separate topics for sunspot region and flares? Yes or no?  

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  1. 1. Separate topics for sunspot region and flares? Yes or no?

    • Allow separate topics for both sunspot regions and flares
    • No, keep everything contained in one topic. Discussions about flares should be contained in the appropriate sunspot region topic

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We are noticing a trend where there are discussions going on in multiple topics about the same event.

For example, sunspot region XYZ produces a major X100 flare and the X100 flare is being discussed both in the topic about sunspot region XYZ and in a separate topic dedicated to the X100 flare.

Should we keep it this way where there topics about both flares and sunspot regions or should everything be contained to the sunspot regions topic? What does the community prefer? I see pros and cons with both solutions but I want to know what the community thinks.

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Maybe there could be a long term topic for discussion for large flares alongside region discussions so it is at least all contained?

I figure this could increase clarity while giving people a place to excitedly discuss the flare itself.




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Compounded by errors many times simply due to attribution.  Fortunately yesterday @3gMike caught my missive before it got too hairy. ( I think). Solar soft had listed an X flare as having come from 3571 instead of its originator 3576!  Sheesh.  I had assumed it was 3576.!    I wonder how many times a year they misattribute.  Anyone know?    I suppose if we allowed a separate topic posting in the “ other” region it is still going to show up as most recent ( where I usually look first anyway). If. It gets confusing now, it will only likely become worse with thirty active regions spitting Filaments and Flares  simultaneously in a few months!  Haha.  Ouch!!   Edit:  Let me add here for any newcomers.  The use of Hot Topic here is especially helpful to me!  If I have missed something recently, this is the first place I usually look.  Invariably when I read the comments quickly, it becomes rapidly clear exactly what region blew its top!   Haha 

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I think discussion about flares should be confined to the topics dedicated to the AR associated with the flare.

If a flare produces a significant CME, on the other hand, a separate topic for that seems appropriate (which I believe is how it's been done lately).

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1 hour ago, Drax Spacex said:

Could keep a single topic ("AR3576") and if a particularly strong flare occurs from it, optionally change the title e.g. ("AR3576 with X2.5 flare").

I only agree with this if It's from an earth facing position with a decent CME, otherwise I just find it really unnecessary.& rather obnoxious.

Edit: I read it wrong, changing the title for that one topic is better so I do agree with your comment.

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I agree that flares should only be discussed in their reverent sunspot region threads.  As others have mentioned, sometimes there are errors due to misattribution or whatnot, those can be fixed by mods moving posts and merging threads.

I was under the impression that that was the principle we had been operating under for quite some time.  Sometimes new users post about flares in the wrong threads, but I have been moving those as soon as I see them.  This happened once in the last 12 hours or so, I  didn’t see it and fix it before this discussion was started.

@Marcel de Bont

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