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AR 13513

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56 minutes ago, Newbie said:

IMG_8084.thumb.jpeg.f7bd71e25ccb40356fff1419003837be.jpegThis new area has been crackling with activity since yesterday.

It’s at least BG. 



Better pic now  @Newbie  also on our site the little slider application is really helpful.  Edit. Perhaps Sander or others could better explain the “ slider application “  basically, it permits your finger on any mobile device to select and move the division position between the two photos. Thus exposing better a particularly “ hot” region.  I use it as an active overlay, so to speak. 

Edited by hamateur 1953
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It is still rockin out those flares. And if I am not mistaken, more to come in the next few days.   Nice development, lets hope they deliver us some decent CMEs in the coming week. At the very least, it’s good to have activity incoming vs outgoing!! Haha. 

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21 minutes ago, mozy said:

I guess this will be one of those regions that will keep flaring no matter how the region looks.

When I looked at it earlier it looked like there was some complexity going on in the top left portion of it. I think this one is probably also "bubbling" a bit.

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