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SpaceWeatherLive on bluesky?


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Many space weather enthusiasts have moved from twitter to bluesky, or are active on bluesky.
It would be great if SpaceWeatherLive would be also present on bluesky, that's almost the only thing remaining, that keeps me on twitter.
In case you need an invitation code, I have one.

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I'm not much of a smartphone guy, I mostly just use the PC, visit the website and twitter/bluesky a few times a day to see what's going on on the sun.

bluesky was created by the ex-twitter owners, and it looks basically like twitter 5 years ago.
At the moment it is invite-only, so you need an invite code, but there are many of them around since a few weeks.

Posting via api should be possible, if I understand it correctly:

If you would like an invite code to try it out, send me a DM (I have just one at the moment)

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