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Lost some of my Space Weather websites and 'graphs'.

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I had saved to my phone's homescreen 5 space weather direct links that got lost when I had to disable chrome on my phone. (Long story. It's an old phone. Had to disable chrome after an update.) These are VERY important to me because I'm sort of conducting an 'observational experiment' which I may share eventually. It began as a curiosity, an 'I wonder if', but grew exponentially when I noticed I was onto something. One was the SWPC-NOAA spaceweather.com website (found). One was the SWPC Forecast Discussion (found). Another was the SWPC Satellite Environment Plot (found). Another I have listed as 'X-ray, Proton, K-Index' (can't find, but it was a chart or graph and included data on only those 3 things). The MOST important (since I check it daily) was what looked to be a chart/graph showing things like Type II, Type IV, 10cm radio bursts (as indicated by red asterisks or blue triangles), sudden impulses (blue triangles), electron flux thresholds or whatever (red asterisks), the prediction of onset of geomagnetic unrest or storms and what category G1, G2, G3, G4 (as indicated by light yellow, dark yellow, orange, or red HORIZONTAL bars). These were horizontal bars that ran left to right and showed the progression. I think it included 14 days worth of data, but I'm not finding it on the SWPC/NOAA website. I'm pretty sure that's who provided the chart/graph. I clicked on some 14-day link there on the SWPC/NOAA website, but that's not what I'm looking for. Anyone familiar with the real-time chart I just described? I lost it once before, took forever to find again. Thanks!

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