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My request on unproven theories topic for the possibility of have a more categorized space is answered: no, but i want to clarify why I asked.

That request isn't for more unproven theories sub, are more generally oriented to have some more open space for make community, where we can share other related interests (to space weather),... at end a door to do collaborative projects.

One in what I thinking as possible is to do a collaborative open 3d tool similar to (cameron beccario) earth.nullschool.net  but for sun physics,

it's on github and it's is only necessary adapt it for solar variables an magnitudes, it work with gribb data files,..., of course that the online tool is improved (with webgl, updated&compressed gribb files,...) and it's would be necessary a more specific z layers (maybe cameron could help with this to a quickly develop)



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right now neither, but sometime was been a help a 3d map with electromagnetic fluxes, different frecuencies emissions maps, temperatures,... where i can select its, overlap them, ...

I like sun but also i like share other thoughts with people with that such point of view that astronomy & phisycs give, even if they are off-topic and not related to the sun.

but as I said, this is not a debate, I understand and can accommodate without any further problem.

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