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A bug in DSCOVR?

Isatsuki San

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  • 3 weeks later...

Several hits have been recorded against the DSCOVR :


UTC 2023 -05-03

11 : 51 

Velocity  = 489 Km/s 

Bz = 1 nT


UTC  2023 -05-03 


Velocity = 498 Km/s 

Bz = =0  nT

UTC , 2023-05-03

14 :24 

Velocity = 509 Km/s

Bz = -1 nT

maybe coronal



Affectation is perceived on the internet

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8 minutes ago, Jhon Henry Osorio Orozco said:

Several hits have been recorded against the DSCOVR :

So you know they aren't CME arrivals. DSCOVR has issues, but the magnetometer is good. ACE is old and has its own set of issues. You just need to keep watching to learn them.

I believe we are in a weak CIR, currently ahead of a weak CH HSS

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There's really no mystery to solve here: Yes, there are frequent bugs with both ACE and DSCOVR. For one thing, they're out in the vacuum of space. For another thing, they are old machines. Monitors switch between these two if there are issues, and outages have occurred frequently over the lifespan of the crafts. In most instances, the crafts shut themselves down to protect sensitive equipment if the environment is too challenging. Data sometimes gets messed up as well. These things are to be expected.

1 hour ago, Jhon Henry Osorio Orozco said:

Affectation is perceived on the internet

I believe you are enthusiastic about all of this, but the auto-translate is struggling to provide coherent sentences. There does not appear to be anything noteworthy on its way, based on SOHO/LASCO imagery, WSA-Enlil, and EPAM. You must review all relevant products to make a semi-accurate forecast. You also cannot forecast the N/S component of the IMF, which is a major factor of the impacts felt by Earth. Lastly, SWPC posts watches, warnings, etc. here: https://www.spaceweatherlive.com/en/reports/noaa-swpc-alerts-watches-and-warnings.html

In short: We have a page, and a whole branch of NOAA dedicated to accomplishing the task you're here doing for us. It's appreciated but unnecessary.

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