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Interested in Sunspot Classifications?


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The CV-Helios Network have performed sunspot classifications since 1981 and are always in need for new observers.

The CV, or Classification Values (you can see a sort explanation on thi site at: https://www.spaceweatherlive.com/en/help/the-classification-of-sunspots-after-malde.html) build on the Zürich/McIntosh-system that has been used worldwide since 1972. 

It was built on the old Zürich-table that consisted of 7 letters but was modified by Dr Patrick S. McIntosh.
The CV-observer classify every sunspot region on the solar disk at one day, and each classification has a specific number according to the CV-table that goes from 1 to 60 in value.

In other words, CV-Helios Network do not make use of spotcounts but summarised values of all classified sunspot regions for each day of observing.
CV-Helios Network has about 50 observers worldwide and have collected over 200.000 solar observations since 1981.

A preliminary email-report is issued every month and a comprehensive annual report once a year.

You are welcome to join in at https://www.cv-helios.net

Best regards - Kjell Inge Malde - Director



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