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Sam Warfel

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This AR looks like an interesting development, with that C-shape, and I see what I think is a potential delta spot (merged penumbras). Starting a topic for it, since I hope to see some activity from it!



(Resolution is poor, be sure to go look at the originals if you’re interested)

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Just popped a little C3.46. Also, the synoptic map shows it as spotless plage 3267 since it was drawn earlier in the day. If a plage turns into an active region, does it receive a new designation (3270)? Or is this just labeled wrong on the intensitygram. It looks like the same region to me.

1 hour ago, Sam Warfel said:

I see what I think is a potential delta spot (merged penumbras).

A very small delta has now formed. Hopefully it keeps growing.

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Changed last part of question.
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2 hours ago, Sam Warfel said:

Still like B5 for the background flux, I'm a bit surprised. I thought this complex AR might raise it more than that

Looks like it’s getting weaker now. But don’t worry, it’s just patiently waiting until it gets to the limb. 😅

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