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Scott McIntosh says Solar Max is close

Patrick P.A. Geryl

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Thanks for this info, Patrick. I'll be sorry to see it end so soon if that's what's happening. It certainly has tamed down the past week or two, but I have been hoping that that was just transitory in nature and not a changeover to activity beginning to reduce. If we do have more time (ie. "< 12 months to max") then maybe some more big fireworks yet to come - which is what I hope for. This is my first cycle, and I've only been monitoring it about a year, so I have a lot to learn. Appreciate the info you put up here!


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Also, it's all prediction models based on what has been seen, but there is always a chance for extended maxima depending on what schools of thought the information/sources come from.


I really enjoy collating many forms to make my predictions, and it seems like it has potential to be an anomaly in many forms. 


I like the concept of the extended energetic period, just depends on how the sun keeps feeding itself to release outputs. But I've heard there isn't a next of k'in, that this one might be sticking around for a long while once it gets up to full demonstrative capacity. 

As always, we shall see what transpires. 


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I calculate about a year to first max, to me butterfly diagram are very indicative of cycle progression,

(I followed the previous cycle in a spanish meteorological forum, mainly in that two threads:




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