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AR 13242


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4 hours ago, hamateur 1953 said:

@MinYoongihas remarked that the west limb is actually The Limb Of Disappointment.  Others have noted that this is also where sunspots really do their best work in the M and X regions.   With her permission the east limb be designated as the Limb Of Hope.  We await a formal decree patiently.  Mike/Hagrid. 


I second this proposal 

3 hours ago, Philalethes Bythos said:

The limb of false hope and wishful thinking.

Come on, let’s try to keep some optimism here! 🤣

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A friendly reminder again. English please lest Sam the moderator drag ya to the “ cornfield”.  Cornfield refers to a twilight zone episode that left my sister with nightmares for months. Starring Billy Mumy  ( later Will Robinson of Lost In Space” American humour and im soooo far off- topic I AM  in danger now!  Bye!! 

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43 minutes ago, Hagen72 said:

Equal, most important: 3242 will  exploided. I am tomorrow in Alta/ Norge. We should Split us.

Doesn't look that great if you ask me. The delta is gone now, and there's been little flaring lately, the flux was almost down at B-level earlier.

But surprises are always possible.

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Looks eruptive based on the flux, no good view from SUVI yet; if it is, that could be a potential Earth-directed CME, 3242 is pretty much smack in the middle of the visible disk right now.


Maybe I spoke to soon, doesn't look that eruptive after all.

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There appears to be some new development forming out of the plage area near the trailing edge of this AR - now sputtering and churning - with the possibility of more sunspots emerging soon.  

Or not... the plage area reshaped and reorgainized itself, but no new sunspots.  💤

Edited by Drax Spacex
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