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I need anwsers please

Mogh, Lord of Blood

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Are our electrical generators, grids and stuff protected or able to withstand the effects of a potential Carrington event? at least something similar?

And also what are the chances of such an event happening in the next... say 20 years? Last time I posted a Kurzgetsagt video I got some feedback but I didn't understand most

I am French and I find it difficult to translate and understand English well when it deals with complex subjects which include sciences for example in this case, if you could kindly answer in a rather simplified way it would be appreciated

Thanks in advance
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1 hour ago, Vancanneyt Sander said:

Yes, this has been discussed before on the forum. The modern grid is designed to withstand the effects of ground induced currents caused by severe geomagnetic storms. Chances for such event is very very very low! A severe geomagnetic storm can happen once in one solar cycle, so once per 11 years. But a severe geomagnetic storm (G5) is NOT equal to a Carrington like event!

For reference, the last severe geomagnetic storm (G5) happened in 2003. 

I agree 100%.


But since then we had some strong G4 almost G5 Storms. Not alot, but some. 

And i bet you didnt notice one single bit.

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As the others mention the grid has been designed with severe Solar activity in mind, but if an event as powerful as the Carrington Event were to strike it's difficult to say what could happen, there's almost always bound to be points of failure that haven't been taken into account. It's not really anything to worry about apart from any general apocalyptic scenario that could potentially happen, such as meteor strike, supervolcano eruption, nuclear war, megaflood, and so on; it might be useful to have a plan in case of such, but your time is probably better spent on other activities for the most part. If you're really worried you could always prepare a bug-out bag to assuage your anxiety, knowing that you've done at least something to prepare in case of some unspecified disaster.

Based on current and projected levels of activity, the chances of such an event in the next few decades is virtually non-existent.

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