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Erroneous usage of inequality signs in tooltips

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On the front page in the box "Real Time Solar Wind" and on the page "Real-time auroral activity" all tooltips for Speed, Density, Bt and Bz contain erroneous usage of inequality signs. For example, the tooltip for Speed is as follows:

< 400 = Normal speed

500 > = Moderately high speed

700 > = High speed

900 > = Very high speed

As you can see, the usage of the greater-than sign is incorrect. The same kind of error occurs in all four tooltips. Additionally, in the tooltip for Bz, the "Moderate south" and "Strong south" completely lack an inequality sign and there is no explanation for the corresponding phenomena for the north. I would also strongly recommend using a colon instead of the equals sign to enhance readability. Thus, my complete suggestion for all four tooltips is:


< 400: Normal speed

> 500: Moderately high speed

> 700: High speed

> 900: Very high speed


< 10: Low density

> 20: Moderate density

> 40: High density

> 60: Very high density


> 10: Moderately strong IMF

> 20: Strong IMF

> 30: Very strong IMF


> 0: North

< 0: South

> 10: Moderate north

< -10: Moderate south

> 20: Strong north

< -20: Strong south

Please fix these errors (I do not know if other pages contain similar errors since I only checked these two pages). Thanks in advance!

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21 uren geleden, Christopher S. zei:

There is a categorical gap in Solar Wind Speed, along the same lines: < 400 is normal, > 500 is moderately high. No category technically exists for in-between 400 and 500. If it were up to me, I'd slide the category of "normal wind speed" up to < 500.

True, we could call it: >400: elevated speed

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