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These are mere suggestions and are just what I think would fit well into the archive page as additions, if they take too much resources up then that's understandable. I know most of this data is public and some isn't hard to find, I just think the easy-to-read graphs and the accessibility would be a good resource.

1. DST Index/Magnetometer data: Good way of quantifying the strength of geomagnetic storms that even the Kp might not describe in complete detail. Higher timescale resolution would also provide an easier resource for studying aurora events without scouring the internet and reading papers that sometimes require a degree graduate-level comprehension, especially to someone who might be a hobbyist that may want to learn more.

2. Hemispheric Power and/or AE Index: HP is modeled data, so not entirely scientific-quality, but I think it would be pretty interesting to see how strong the aurora is modeled in some higher-end events if the data is still there. AE Index graphs are extremely variable at times and often go above the graph listed in cases above Kp7.

3. Aurora reports map and maybe some pictures: This might sound a bit ridiculous and would probably be very hard to do, but maybe limit this for higher-end events.

If there is something I missed or you agree/disagree with anything I said, you can feel free to comment.


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