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2 hours ago, Newbie said:

I've read about three types of streamers:

Helmet streamers, also known as coronal streamers, are elongated cusp-like structures in the Sun's corona which are often visible in white-light coronagraphs and during solar eclipses. They are closed magnetic loops which lie above divisions between regions of opposite magnetic polarity on the Sun's surface. They occur above active regions on the Sun's corona.

Polar plumes are long thin streamers that project outward from the Sun's north and south poles. They are often found as  bright areas at the footpoints of these features and are associated with small magnetic regions on the solar surface. These structures are associated with the "open" magnetic field lines at the Sun's poles.

Helmet streamers give rise to gradually accelerating, bubble-shaped coronal mass ejections (CMEs), whereas pseudostreamers produce narrow CMEs.

Pseudostreamers are bright loop-like structures in the corona of the Sun, similar to a helmet streamer, but connecting coronal holes of the same magnetic polarity.

Recent observations of the solar corona with the LASCO coronagraph on board of the SOHO spacecraft have revealed the occurrence of triple helmet streamers even during solar minimum, which occasionally go unstable and give rise to large coronal mass ejections. 

Sympathetic filament eruptions can arise from helmut streamers. Sympathetic means producing an effect which arises in response to a similar action elsewhere.


And I didn’t even know any of that even existed until now lol

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